For contemporary healthcare education in the office or at home,
The C Diff Foundation believes in flexibility of choice and unsurpassed quality of data being shared by fellow partners in the C.diff. community who are dedicated in ensuring the end results not only meet, but exceed expectations delivering up-to-date information surrounding
C. difficile infection (CDI) prevention, treatments, and environmental safety worldwide.

Our Vision

Raising global awareness with leading international topic experts has proven to be effective over the years with audiences attending our annual conferences.  The Global C. difficile Congress will take place on November 11th, 2016 and will help broaden existing knowledge surrounding
C. difficile infection (CDI)  prevention, treatments, and environmental safety worldwide.  The drive and passion takes us forward in promoting the practical and technical advancements taking place across the globe.  Healthcare Professionals from every area of expertise, will discuss the control and  treatment options,  the healthcare perspectives, antibiotic-resistance stewardship programs, and much more to raise awareness and share successful implementations and guidelines.

This free webinar is available to you and with the ease of learning without having to travel..

The Global C. difficile Congress will be eight sessions presented by topic experts  – in four hours – in one day –  with goals to change the C. difficile world with a common focus; To
improve C. diff. infection prevention, treatments, and environmental safety in the healthcare communities worldwide.


Our Story

Developing an educational program is a positive tool for healthcare providers.  This opportunity opens doors across the globe to learn from researchers and fellow clinicians also concerned at the urgency of this  “super-bug” — Closstridium difficile.


Developing the program:

Opportunities grow from viewing positive results that can be obtained by individuals and offering this program will provide a platform for networking, education, advocacy, and public awareness to global healthcare professionals and service professionals.  We are dedicated to raising C. difficile awareness with professionals who work within the healthcare community.  Our network/education meetings provide a venue for professionals to come together to exchange ideas and resources thereby strengthening the C. difficile community .


Contact us and let us assist you and your colleagues by registering today to participate in this amazing four hour program on November 11th.

Feel free to telephone to register  (919) 201-1512.

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  • Due to the international nature of this program, USA: CME’s will not be provided